What Goes On Behind the Lights

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What Goes On Behind the Lights?

The Importance of Stage Design And Development
Stage design is an interesting phenomenon. The greatest film and play sets are deigned in a way that is meant to blend in with the scene. It is not a character. On the contrary, a prop and stage is the background for the play to take shape. In this light, a stage design is ironically constructed in order to act in a pleasing and almost invisible way to the audience. However, in some radical and avant-garde plays, the stage is designed Read the rest of this entry »

Stage Designs That Will Captivate the Audience

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Stage design and props go a long way in the success of a play. The audience depends on the right balance of design and props to match the mood of the scene. A producer can sway an audience by changing the designs or props on the movie set or during a play. Props are the items that actors use onstage such as furniture, household items or other items that fit the scene of the play. The director and producer must work closely with the actors and actresses before the play’s production begins. Many people prefer going to plays Read the rest of this entry »

Stage Design Can Fool the Viewer

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Remember a show called Dinosaurs?

For this article to mean anything, you would have really needed to see the show. Pretty sure if you have some massive television provider like http://directtelevisionpackages.com or something you can find reruns somewhere.

Anyway, I will do my best to describe it.

Dinosaurs was an ABC sitcom that ran from 1991 to 1994. It was basically a comedic look at the everyday life of dinosaurs and how their social issues and problems paralleled our present-day ones. It was all very silly and slapstick.

Jim Henson Productions was particularly integral in the development of the show by creating these massive suits and puppets to bring the dinosaurs to life. As you can imagine, this cost the network quite a bit of money.

What does this have to do with stage design?

Simple, really.

When all the money was counted, by the end of it all, the budget for sets and stage design was next to nothing. The show creators had a real problem on their hands because they had the dinosaurs but they didn’t have the set.

What many people don’t know when watching dinosaurs is that the sets range in size from as large as a bathroom to as big as a kitchen. It was only through some clever and imaginative stage design and filming that they were able to pull off the illusion of sprawling scenes on a shoestring budget.

How To Design A Stage For A Play

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The process of designing a stage for a play is as important as the actors and actresses themselves. The stage design needs to be built in a way that it connects to what the people in the play are portraying. Depending on the type of play that a stage is being designed for one would choose the appropriate props. One would want to set the scene on the stage for the appropriate interactions that will Read the rest of this entry »

Ideas For Nativity/Christmas Plays

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Usually when planning a Nativity Scene or Christmas play, there isn’t a huge amount of money to use. Below are a few ideas of how to plan a sucessful Nativity Scene or Christmas play without breaking the bank. The first thing to do is get volunteers. If this is a church production, see if any church patrons would be willing to allow the use of a baby for “Baby Jesus.” A doll wrapped in a blanket works just fine. Mangers can be easily made out Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Designs For Grade School Plays

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Simple designs can work wonders on grade school plays. This is how the many simple little grade school productions turn into some big. The props play a very important part in the process.

The reason that this is so big is that grade school kids cannot remember lots of lines. They cannot do a lengthy play with a whole lot of dialogue. This is why it is so important for them to have access to some good props. These things Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Late Night Show Stages

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There is a debate about the best late night show stages and which ones were the most popular. Over the years a lot of success has come from Johnny Carson. He has had one of the best stages for late night. He was really the father of the whole thing. He left some big shoes to fill, but the people in the driver seats now have some great talent.

Jimmy Fallon is one of the brightest because he has some experience as a real comedian on Saturday Night Live. He also has had the ability to get his guest to Read the rest of this entry »

Five Famous Talk Show Stages

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On television there are many talk shows and stage sets for these shows vary. Setting the stage is important and helps the people being interviewed feel comfortable. The point of talk shows it getting the guests to talk, feel comfortable enough to chat and be natural. How this is done is different for each talk show but the end result is the same, the guests talk and feel comfortable.

Talk shows can have one host or more than one host. There are talk shows that interview celebrities and others have real people with problems being interviewed. Read the rest of this entry »